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The Quit-Cha-Kiddn' Restoration Project

3 years ago the Motor vessel Quit-Cha-Kiddn' was donated to the U.S. Forest Service. This famous vessel was constructed in 1921 in San Francisco for use on Lake Tahoe by the Hobart family. She is 40 ft long with a 10 ft beam and weighs over 15 tons. The motor is a vintage Hall Scott manufactured in Oakland Ca. The Hobarts operated a huge lumber operation on the north and east shores of Lake Tahoe.

This vessel was very unique in its day and offered comforts almost unheard of at the time for a pleasure yacht on our lake. Many silent movie stars and socialites got their first up close glimpse of this famous shoreline by being lavishly entertained onboard.

During WW II the U.S. Navy commandeered this vessel for secret wartime experiments possibly relating to sonar and the perfection of radar techniques. The next phase of this vessels life involved its use as a passenger carrying charter boat operating out of South shore. She was Coast Guard certified for 24 passengers. Again many visitors got their first real feel for Tahoe's famous clarity onboard the 'Q'.

Eventually the vessel was dry-docked one winter never to return the water again. After almost 45 years out of the water a better home was found. The boat was relaunched and taken to its new enclosed boathouse located on the equally famous Pope and Baldwin estates managed by the U.S.F.S.

After so many years our group of volunteers have begun the task of cataloging the hardware and equipment and planning the restoration schedule. We are in a unique position that allows us to document this restoration and share with the public the progress and efforts of this truly unique piece of Tahoe's marine heritage.

For further information, please contact: Jeff LaRoche, Supervisor of the restoration project - (530) 544-2307
Photos & text by Jeff LaRoche More about the The Quit-Cha-Kiddn'

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