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Having been primarily a seasonal community for the first 100 years of its habitation, the Tahoe Basin suffers from a recorded history which is relatively scant. However, piercing together the scattered fragments, we begin to see a picture of surpassing beauty overlaid with hardship, industry and ingenuity. The evolution of Tahoe from a methodically harvested natural resource to a posh summer watering hole for the West's wealthy to a wanabee World-Class Destination has been an interesting one. The area's broad appeal has attracted characters from all walks of life - some exploitive, some merely appreciative - and their amalgam yields a story of uncommon interest.
Enjoy your glimpse into Tahoe's Yesteryears.


Vintage Tahoe Postcards Exhibit
- From John McKinney's rustic Hunter's Retreat in the 1860s to such posh turn-of-the-century resorts as the Tallac Hotel and Tahoe Tavern, the life of early day vacationers was made vivid for those at home by postcards. Almost 100 postcards to view.
Wooden Boat Showcase - read about boating on Lake Tahoe, discover some the lake's unique raceboats, speedboats and lots more fun!
Meeks Bay - Old Time Photo Exhibit
Overland Route - Lake Tahoe Line , Great stuff from the old Southern Pacific booklet: "pioneer trail of romance and tragedy, of the covered wagon and pony express. . line of the first transcontinental railroad . ."

Discover Tahoe's Magical West Shore, first in a series of guidebook/keepsakes celebrating the High Sierra. Lots of vinatge postcards, photos, art and historical anecdotes!

Dat So La Lee - last of the Washoe basketmakers
Ehrman Mansion - the summer estate which set the standard for West Shore elegance
If Stones Could Speak - grinding rocks left behind by native American summer encampments at Tahoe
"Harry Jo", one of Tahoe City's most colorful characters.
Legend of Eagle Rock - as remembered by elder members of the Washoe tribe.
Magulu Watah - the Washoe Indians' summer encampment at Meeks Bay
North Lake Tahoe Historical Society - includes the Gatekeeper's Cabin Museum, the Watson Cabin, and the Marion Steinbach Indian Basket Museum.
Snowshoe Thompson - "Viking of the Sierra"
Tahoe Tavern - "Opulence and Isolation"
Tahoma - a brief chronological history of the Tahoma area
Tallac - Yesterday and Today
Vintage flier from the old Tahoma Resort. How does a housekeeping cabin for 2 people at $5 per night sound??

1960 Olympics Cross-Country Trails - Plans to reconstruct part of the trails around Sugar Pine Point State Park

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