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Join the many businesses who have found it profitable to advertise on the World Wide Web. While online advertising is not intended to replace print advertising, it does offer several advantages:

  • It is less costly.
  • It is easier to "target" your market.
  • It can be updated immediately.
  • It increases your company's visibility.

    There are further advantages for those companies or service providers who have email access:

  • Product and/or services may be ordered online. This is important because many people see a product they would like to order, write down a phone number or set aside an order form - only for it to get lost in a pile. If customers can send an order instantaneously, you do not risk losing them. The same applies to service providers.

  • Online orders and requests for services are less costly and may be considered an alternative to setting up an 800 number.

    Don't miss out to those who already have a presence on the World Wide Web. Join them. The same competition applies to Web advertising as it does to print advertising. However, one distinct advantage is that the more people see your business on the Web, the more innovative it will seem.

    Why choose Tahoe Country to help you with your online advertising needs? Tahoe Country can not only design pages which help create the perfect image for your business, but also serve and maintain them on the World Wide Web.

    Please feel free to view a "sampling" of the variety of sites and pages we develop:

  • Cox and Kromydas, Architects
  • Sierra Boat Company, Restoration and sales of wooden boats
  • North Lake Tahoe Historical Society, Overseer of three Tahoe City museums
  • USS FOX Reunion Association
  • Tahoe Art

    You may also wish to check out Tahoe Country's Webzine to learn about the Tahoe Region, from arts and history to flora and fauna.

    For further information on Tahoe County's Web Services, simply fill out the form below, then press the "Send" button at the bottom of the form. We will get back to you shortly.

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