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Indian Paintbrush
Tahoe Country Flora & Fauna is a gathering of stories of wildlife encounters - which includes basic information on the flora and fauna of the High Sierra. Anyone may contribute.

Photo of Indian Paintbrush by Tim Zeisloft. Click on image for larger view.

A Bear's Tale - See what happened when a bear crawled out of his cave this spring and followed the enticing aroma to a mid-mountain ski resortŐs BBQ!

The Snowplant - that strange red plant that pops up out of the snow.
- wildflower photos from Barker Pass
Bear Facts - how the blackbears came to Tahoe
Birds - identifying birds in the Tahoe Basin
Black Bears - basic information about North American Black Bears
Goober - the heartwarming and tragic tale of a neighborhood bear
Living in Bear Country - stories of bear encounters
Wildflowers - identifying wildflowers in the Tahoe Basin
Wildlife Encounters - stories of crossing paths with wolves and coyotes.


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