Western Tanager
One of the most colorful birds in the Lake Tahoe Basin. An eye catcher with his red head, bright yellow body with black on the back, wings and tail.

Dark-eyed Junco
Abundant and easy to recognize, often eating seeds on forest floors.They are small with a solid black head and white stripes on either side of their tails.

Hairy Woodpecker
Recognized by its medium size, the vertical stripe on the back, and its long bill. It feeds on tree-boring insects, berries, acorns and sap.

Mountain Chickadee
The most common bird found in the Tahoe Basin. It is small and plump, with a black cap, a black bib under the chin and a white line over each eye. It is acrobatic and swings from branches hunting for insects and seeds. It also has a distinctive 3 note whistle.

Steller's Jay
A large noisy, bold bird with deep blue wings, tail and breast. Its foreparts, including the head and crest, are black.

Drawings by Betty Beede

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