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Tahoe Country is a webzine of travel and culture. Its content is contributed by travel writers, historians, locals, and visitors from all over the world, in the form of travelogues, first-person narratives, historical writings, photos, and art. Tahoe Country has been online since February 6, 1996. As early as June, 1996 it received a Magellan 3 Star Award and continues to receive high acclaim from the internet community, from other web sites, magazines, newspapers, and its visitors. Magellan 3 Star Award








Tahoe Country's goal is:

  • to draw people to the region through its interesting and informative stories and visuals, which capture the region's local flavor.
  • to be a comprehensive resource for those planning a visit to the Lake Tahoe region by empowering them to make informed and intelligent travel decisions.
  • to help convey the message that Tahoe is not only a haven for sports enthusiasts, but also a rich cultural environment.
  • to allow students and teachers of English as a second and/or foreign language to learn about our culture and practice their language skills
  • to be a clearinghouse for information pertaining to early-day Lake Tahoe, and
  • to provide those from afar, who have experienced and love for Tahoe, with a place to take a nostalgic cybertour of the area.

Jill Beede is: the founder, editor, and webmaster of the Tahoe Country webzine of travel and culture, and author of Tahoe's Magical West Shore

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