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Genoa, Nevada

Genoa was established in 1849 as a trading post for the gold hunters heading for California. It was originally called "Mormon Station" and is the oldest town in Nevada.


Today Genoa is a charming historical town, popular among antique hunters. On the right, Genoa's first house.


(Top) The oldest "thirst parlor" in Nevada. (Bottom left) Golden Poppies are abundant throughout Genoa's neighborhoods. (Bottom right) The Genoa Courthouse Museum contains a variety of exhibits, art and photography shows.

SnowshoeThompson, the legendary postman, is buried in Genoa. It is unknown why the "p" was left out of his name. Folklore has it that if a name is misspelled on a gravestone, the person will not go to heaven. It is speculated that the stone carver mispelled the name, and his wife, who never learned to read or write, did not realize a mistake had been made.

By Jill Beede


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