Author: Jerome Yesavage, CalTrout Streamkeeper for the Desolation Wilderness

This is a very handy guide to help you hook golden, rainbow, brook and brown trout in this beautiful California backpacking area. Yesavage tells you what types of trout are in each lake and how to fly fish it and availability of campsites. Many color photographs show the beauty of the area. Over 60 lakes are treated angling opportunities for a lifetime. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 64 pages.
SB: $12.95: ISBN: 1-878175-62-9

Proceeds from the book are to be used to further biological studies of the area which has been a hotbed of controversy about the interactions of fish and amphibian populations in the High Sierra. For example, last summer it partially funded a joint DFG/USFS pack trip to study several frog populations in the Wilderness.

Available from:

Frank Amato Publications, Inc.
PO Box 82112
Portland, Oregon: 97282
Telephone: (503) 653-8108, Fax: (503) 653-2766

The author, Jerome Yesavage, M.D., is Director of the Aging Clinical Research Center. The Aging Clinical Research Center is designed to examine changes in mental function across the lifespan. In particular we are concerned with Alzheimer's Disease (senile dementia), Age-Associated Cognitive Decline (normal changes in cognitive function seen in older adults), depression in aging, sleep disorders in aging and lifespan changes in complex tasks such as aircraft pilot performance. The Center is funded in part by the NIH, the Veteran's Administration, the State of California and the Organization for Alzheimer's Scientific Investigation and Solutions (OASIS).

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